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FYSOP brings BU’s newest students into Boston

Students participating in last year's FYSOP. Photo by BU Productions.

Every August, hundreds of BU students come to campus a week early for the First Year Student Outreach Project, an annual event welcoming first-year students to BU by sending them out to perform community service around the Boston area. Participants focus on eight issue areas — children, disabilities, elders, the environment, gender focus, HIV/AIDS awareness, homelessness and housing, and hunger — and spend the first day learning about how these problems affect the city and the region. For the next three days they will perform service throughout the community — each year, the volunteers typically complete over 13,000 hours of community service.

This year students participating in the 17th FYSOP arrive at BU on Monday, August 28, and start their service the next day. A film crew from BU Productions followed a group of last year’s volunteers on their first days of community-service work. Click here to watch the six-minute video.