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Scarlet Key Society announce’s Class of 2006 winners

Selected students demonstrate leadership, commitment, and honor

The Scarlet Key honors student leadership at BU.

One recipient makes a point of encouraging young black and Latino high-school students to consider attending Boston University. Another created a physical-education course designed to teach students about spectator sports—and boost attendance at BU’s athletic competitions. A third started her senior year at the Matriculation Ceremony, assuring more than 4,000 nervous new freshmen that they had made the right choice.

These students—David Blanding (CAS’06), Kara Vaneck (CAS’06), and Poonam Mathur (SAR’06)—are among the 28 seniors who will receive the 2006 Scarlet Key Award, BU’s highest honor for student leadership. The students, nominated by faculty and staff, were judged in five areas: leadership, commitment, representation, tradition, and academics. “It’s about ways they’ve brought honor not only to themselves but to the University as a whole,” says Michael Pereira, assistant to the dean of students.

This year’s winners, who were selected from each of the University’s undergraduate schools and colleges, include athletes, Community Service Center volunteers, students involved in Greek life, and a capella singers.

The recipients are Maria Arce (CAS’06); Blanding; Ashley Cheng (COM’06); Teresa Christovich (COM’06); Ernest Clarke (SHA’06); Andrew Ellis (CAS/SMG’06); Gregory Freed (COM’06); Lin Lin Gao (ENG’06); Luke Gibson (COM’06); Galen Hair (CFA’06); Jared Jacobson (SAR’06); Ashley Linebarger (SED’06); Amanda Maldonado (SMG’06); Mathur; Katrina Meinhardt (SMG’06); Olivia Ongaigui (SMG’06); Jennifer Page (UNI’06); Kimberly Parr (CAS’06); Nicole Pelletier (CAS’06); Kimberly Petta (CAS’06); Nicole Piro (SED’06); Brooke Reno (COM’06); Victoria Saccoccio (CAS/SAR’06); Christopher Simons (CAS’06); Jaclynn Simpson (CGS’04, COM’06); Aileen Teague (CGS’04, CAS’06); Vaneck; and Joshua Wilson (CAS’06).

The Honorary Scarlet Key Award, which recognizes exceptional alumni, faculty, staff, or trustees, was given to Boyd Dewey, the SED associate dean and a member of the University staff for over 30 years; Stacy Godnick, the CGS assistant dean; and Craig Hill, the associate vice president for auxiliary business affairs.

Award recipients will be formally inducted in a Tapping Ceremony on May 11 at 6 p.m.