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Rocking out

BU friends Will Lewis (UNI’09), Andrew Couchara (CAS’08), and Alex Dutton (CGS’07) created local band Overunderground. Click here to hear their music.

The DL

After realizing they were the youngest members of their high school jazz band, vocalist and keyboard player Will Lewis (UNI’09) and drummer Andrew Couchara (CAS’08) decided to get together outside the band room. Their afternoon jam sessions spawned the band Overunderground. Alex Dutton (CGS’07) joined on guitar and the trio played at their high school before moving to BU and adding Jason Holt to the group on alto saxaphone. Overunderground has played locally at Harper’s Ferry, the Middle East, and the Paradise Lounge. The band’s next show at BU Central is Thursday, November 2, as part of the Safe Sex Party, an AIDS benefit.

Click here to hear Overunderground’s song “Carolina.”