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Richard Maloney’s summer course meets in Boston — and London

MET Professor Richard Maloney will bring students to London as part of his summer course.

Metropolitan College Professor Richard Maloney’s summer class requires not only the usual textbooks, but also a trip to London. His course, Comparative Cultural Policy and Administration, examines cultural policy in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union from 1950 to the present, focusing on the impact cultural and national differences have on how decisions are made about cultural policy. The goal of the course is to enable students to compare our government’s relationship with the arts with that of other nations.

The class will meet six times in Boston and nine in England at Boston University’s London campus. London, Maloney says, is “one of the major capitals of culture in Europe. They have a lot of experience with government involvement in arts and culture.”

In London the students will meet faculty from other universities as well as arts leaders, political figures. and other professionals whose work exposes them to the impact of government policy on the arts.

Maloney hopes that through this broadening experience, students will gain a better understanding of how the U.S. government views arts and culture in relation to national identity. “I want my students to think outside of the box on how to approach problems of not having arts more integrated in society,” Maloney says.