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Receiving recognition in the fight against tuberculosis

John Bernardo, a MED professor and BMC physician, receives award for work on tuberculosis.

John Bernardo, a professor of medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine and an attending physician at the Boston Medical Center pulmonary department, was recently awarded the 2006 Henry D. Chadwick Medal by the Massachusetts Thoracic Society (MTS) for his work with thoracic diseases.

The award, the highest honor bestowed by the MTS, the medical section of the American Lung Association, is for contributions to the study and treatment of respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis. Recipients of the award have produced outstanding work in the field of pulmonary disease.

Bernardo, who has been a BUMC staff physician since 1979, has clinical interests in the areas of tuberculosis treatment, prevention, education, and policy. His research includes studies of the control of the phagocyte function and novel applications of flow cytometry and kinetic flow imagery.