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Rebuilding lives, one child at a time

Debi Hoege (CAS’08) raises money to build and maintain schools for young AIDS victims in Uganda.

Debi Hoege (CAS'08)

Debi Hoege (CAS’08) took her interest in African Studies and international relations a bit further this year by helping to form the Boston chapter of Building Tomorrow, to raise money to build and maintain schools for children affected by the AIDS virus in Uganda.

The organization raised money at the George Sherman Union in March, and Hoege is organizing a new drive to help the African students buy backpacks and other school supplies. A donation of just $5 can help one child, she says.

Since her classmate Robert Schroeder (CAS’08) presented the idea last semester, Hoege has been working with him and her classmate Bridget Lowley (CAS’07) to build a Boston University chapter. They hope the group will soon be able to travel to Uganda to see the difference this fundraising has made. “It’s really an opportunity to directly affect these people,” she says. “All the money we’re raising and donating is going directly to help them out.”