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Radiology Specialist Joins School of Medicine

Anna Chacko named a MED professor of radiology and vice chair of the division of radiology at BMC.

Anna Chacko was recently appointed a professor of radiology at Boston University School of Medicine and vice chair of the division of radiology at Boston Medical Center. She was previously chair of the department of radiology at Lahey Clinic Medical Center, in Burlington, Mass.

While serving as radiology advisor to the Surgeon General for the U.S. Army, Chacko helped develop digital ultrasound, digital mammography, and the Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

Chacko has received the Scholastic Award from the American Society of Head and Neck Surgery, as well as the Norwich Eaton Scholarship Award of the Society of Military Otolaryngologists–Head and Neck Surgeons.

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