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Orientation Advocate for Students

Craig Mack, Orientation and Off Campus Services director, was honored by the National Orientation Directors Association.

Craig Mack, director of Orientation and Off Campus Services, recently received an outstanding service award from the National Orientation Directors Association (NODA), which promotes excellence in the orientation, transition, and retention of college students.

Mack has served on the NODA board of directors as a historian and chaired the organization’s national conferences. In addition, he teaches at the Orientation Professionals Institute, an annual NODA seminar that helps young professionals succeed in the orientation and transition fields.

Orientation and Off Campus Services provides programs and services to incoming students so they can “get an idea of the magnitude of their education and also enjoy BU and the community here,” says Mack. “I like to see myself as a student advocate in the work I do.”

Mack first became involved in campus orientation as a student. “I realized I was very passionate about this and knew this is what I wanted to do,” he says. He joined Boston University in 1994 and has been the director of Orientation and Off Campus Services since 1999.

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