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BU Today’s photo contest winners

BU Today thanks all the photographers who submitted photographsto our first photo contest, Picturing the Best of Life at BU. We alsothank the three Boston University judges who lent their eyes and theirexpertise to rank their favorites from a pool of more than 60 images.Peter Southwick, a visiting associate professor of photojournalism atthe College of Communication, Stephen Frank, an assistant professor ofart at the College of Fine Arts, and Terrence Morash, executivedirector of the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University,graciously answered our request to evaluate photos for composition,emotional impact, and interpretation of the theme Best of Life at BU.

“Diversityis the true strength of Boston University’s community ofphotographers,” says Morash. “Whether it’s documentary or artisticphotographs or cell phone snapshots, the participating students gave usa glimpse into life on this urban campus.”

Natasha Pierce-Slive(CFA’07) won the first prize for her black-and-white shot of runnersand their shadows stretching against the side of a white building.Pierce-Slive wins a $65 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble atBoston University. Second prize, a $45 gift certificate to Barnes &Noble, goes to Florian Schafer (SMG’08), who capturedspectacularly striated orange clouds in the sky above the CharlesRiver. Schafer shot the picture from his dorm room in Danielsen Hall onBeacon Street. Third-place winner Christopher Deane (ENG’09)snapped a brilliant sunrise over Nickerson Field on a recent springmorning after he and his friends returned from a Red Sox game andchallenged each other to stay up all night. “It was wild,” he says. “Wewere first in line for breakfast.” He wins a $25 gift certificate toBarnes & Noble. Click the arrow above to see a slide show of thetop 20 entries.

In other photographic news, photographs taken bystudents at BU and 14 other schools are on display at the PhotographicResource Center, 832 Commonwealth Ave., until Sunday, May 7. Click herefor more information. Next weekend, the PRC hosts its annual Mother’sDay Portrait Extravaganza, where professional photographers will createfamily portraits at a discounted price. Click here for more information.