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Mentoring new students

This summer, Emily Windle (CAS’07) is working for BU’s Orientation Office as a student advisor.

While most of the University’s students were counting down the days until they could abandon their dorms and head home for the summer, Emily Windle was applying for a position that would allow her to stay on campus. 

This summer, Windle (CAS’07) is working for Boston University’s Orientation Office as a student advisor. Student advisors help incoming freshmen chose their classes and become acclimated to campus life through group activities.

Windle, a rising senior majoring in biochemistry, was interested in becoming a student advisor so she could help improve the orientation experience. “My own orientation experience was subpar,” she says, “because my advisor wasn’t very good. I wanted to improve on the experience for incoming freshmen, and I thought I could do a good job.” 

Windle recognizes that college can be a scary place for new students and hopes to offer her freshmen support during their first year. “Your advisor is really your first connection on campus,” she says. 

Currently in training, Windle and the rest of the student advisors begin working on June 14, with the arrival of the first group of freshman for Session I, and they will be busy until the end of July.