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Meet Tim Glynn

Tim Glynn is excited to be involved with the improv troupes and a capella groups at BU.

Hello My Name Is

Name: Tim Glynn
From: Belmont, Massachusetts
School: College of Fine Arts
Major: Acting

What convinced you to go to BU?

The atmosphere of the entire school, especially at the College of Fine Arts, was so open and inviting, with such tremendous opportunities for exploration and self-expression.

What are you most excited about coming to college?

The people. Coming from a small town, meeting all these new and incredible people is brilliantly exciting.

What kinds of activities do you want to become involved in?

I am excited to become part of the improv troupes at BU, the a capella groups, perhaps find some musicians to play some rock or jazz with (I play bass — look me up.)

What courses are you interested in taking?

After four years of public schooling totally devoid of classes in drama, the actuality of taking courses at the conservatory is viciously exciting. The economics and anthropology courses also look very interesting.

What is one of the goals of your first year at BU?

Meet as many new people as I possibly can. The undergrad population of BU is almost as big as the town I’m coming from, and it is so wonderful to be with all of you.

What will be your first stop when you start exploring the city of Boston?

I’ve lived in or just outside of Boston my whole life, but there are still places to explore. Maybe further out into Brighton and Allston.

How are you spending your summer vacation? 

I’m teaching the arts to kids ages 5 to 10 at a community center during the day, and at night I’m involved in a production of Ragtime out in Weston.