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Meet Robin Ross

Robin Ross‘ son, Joshua, was attracted to BU because of the energy he felt on campus.

Hello My Name Is

Name: Robin Ross
From: Old Westbury, New York
Student’s name: Joshua
School: College of Arts and Sciences

Is your son excited about coming to BU?

Yes he is very excited to be coming to BU and for all the opportunities he’ll have here.

Why did he choose BU?

He loved the energy of the city, and his dad also attended BU.

Have you been here to visit before?

He’s been to BU three times before. He really, really loves the liveliness, and the kids all over, and he was just very happy to be here. He felt the excitement and activity right away.

And how do you feel about him coming here?

I’m excited. I love Boston. I think it’s a great place, and I’m looking forward to my visits — good shopping, too!

Is there anything you hope he’ll do here in Boston?

Well, I’m hoping he gets a great education, which, I’m told, he certainly will, especially because everybody is really supportive here. I just hope he’s happy at college and has a good time.