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Meet Mick Harris

Mick Harris attended freshman orientation with his son, Michael, who will be in the College of Engineering.

Name: Mick Harris
From: Uxbridge, Massachusetts
Student: Michael Harris
School: College of Engineering

You have a son or daughter coming here?

My son, Michael, is going to be coming here. He’s a freshman.

Why did you all choose BU?

It was definitely his choice. He liked the biomedical engineering program, and he had a few friends here already.

Are you excited about him coming here?


Does he have any plans for extracurricular activities?

I know he plans on golfing, and so he’ll be on the golf team and that will be good. Other than that, I’m not sure. He has a girlfriend going to school in Kenmore Square, too.

Do you think you’ll come out to visit?

Yes, absolutely.