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Meet Kristen Williams

Kristen Williams is excited for her freshman year and would like to join the BU swim team.

Hello My Name Is

Name: Kristen Williams
From: Brookfield, Connecticut
School: School of Management
Major: Business, finance/marketing

What convinced you to go to BU?

The faculty and the amazing surrounding city of Boston.

What are you most excited about coming to college?

I am most excited about meeting so many people, challenging myself, and finding out who I am.

What courses are you most interested in taking?

I am very excited about taking the freshman introduction to all types of business. I am also looking forward to taking an ethics class.

What kinds of activities do you want to become involved in?

I am planning on swimming for the BU swim team, and I would also like to join some other clubs that I normally wouldn’t be able to at home.

What will you miss most about home?

I will miss my two cats and obviously my family.

What’s one interesting thing about yourself?

I love music and cooking.

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