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Meet Jim Corrao

Jim Corrao looks forward to watching his daughter, who will be a freshman, play on BU’s tennis team.

Name: Jim Corrao
From: Holden, Massachusetts
Student’s name: Elizabeth
School: College of General Studies

You have a son or daughter coming here?

A daughter, Elizabeth Corrao.

What college is she going to be attending?

She’s going to be in the College of General Studies, and she’s leaning toward communications.

How did you both decide on BU?

Well, in my daughter’s case, she was recruited for tennis, so she’s going to be on the tennis team. She has a full scholarship for tennis.

Is there anything in particular she’s excited about doing here?

She’s very excited about Boston — she loves the campus here and living in Boston.  She’s very excited about playing tennis for BU, and she’s very excited about getting started in the General Studies program and possibly moving on to communications.

What did you like about BU?

I like everything about it. It’s not too far away from home so I can get to see her play, and I’m very impressed with the facilities and the staff. My wife and I are both very happy with what we’ve seen so far.