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Meet Elizabeth Durst

Elizabeth Durst will miss the laid-back feel of California, but is anxious to begin her freshman year at BU.

Hello My Name Is

Name: Elizabeth Durst
From: San Leandro, Calif.
School: College of Fine Arts
Major: Stage management

What convinced you to go to BU?

I was pointed towards BU by a family friend. She knew I wanted to study technical theatre and she told me BU had a good program. I visited Boston last summer around July 4 and I loved the city. When I saw that the College of Fine Arts had a stage management major I knew that BU was where I wanted to go.

What most excites you about coming to college?

I love new experiences. I like meeting people, exploring new places, and experiencing things that I can’t back home. I’m really thrilled about going to Boston and experiencing all that it has to offer me.

What kinds of activities do you want to become involved in?

I don’t know how much time all my schoolwork will take, but I love singing. I’ll probably audition for choirs and a cappella groups. I might also take some ballroom dancing classes — it’s always looked like so much fun, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try it.

What will you miss most about home?

I really like the feel of California. It’s really laid-back and go-with-the-flow a lot of the time. I also love living in the San Francisco Bay Area. There’s this kind of understood excitement about being from “the Yay Area” or just “Da Bay.” It’s a great mix of cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles creating an environment that can’t really be duplicated anywhere else. I’ll probably miss that quite a bit when I go to Boston.