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Meet Cindy Cordova

Cindy Cordova would like to join the Admissions Student Diversity Board, which played a key role in her decision to attend BU.

Name: Cindy Cordova
From: Miami, Florida
School: College of Communication
Intended Major: Broadcast journalism with a double major in advertising

What convinced you to go to BU?

As unimaginable as it may sound, I love cold weather! I knew that I wanted to enjoy being in a metropolitan area, where the city life will keep me entertained and I would be able to truly appreciate nature’s seasons — something I definitely cannot do in sunny Miami. The career I want to pursue requires exposure, and Boston University is not only a renowned university with a worldwide prominent communication program, but it is also situated in the heart of Boston, where internships are not as difficult to find. 
What are you most excited about coming to college?

I am most excited about living in the city and dorm life. This is one more step towards the real world and acquiring independence. I cannot wait to start making new friends, becoming involved in activities, and enjoying every cultural, historical, and enchanting aspect about Boston. Shopping for things for my dorm has consumed most of my time, and I wait patiently to move in brand-new accessories as well as my memories, heart, and
soul into that one room that will define one important aspect of my freshman year at BU.
What course are you most interested in taking?

Amid all of the comments about it being an extremely challenging course, I have, nonetheless, heard great reviews about CO101: The Way of the World. I am also looking forward to taking philosophy, writing and literature courses, and core humanities.
What kinds of activities do you want to become involved in?

I strongly would like to join the Admissions Student Diversity Board — they truly made an impact in my final decision to attend BU. I appreciated their various activities during Multicultural Weekend to make minority students feel comfortable in their own skins, without fearing judgment at the University because of their race, beliefs, and customs. I would like to become a host for Multicultural Weekend and become a member of the Multicultural Advancement Partnership Program (MAPP) to continue helping immigrants adapt to their new surroundings in America. In addition, I want to participate in the First-Year Student Outreach Project, Siblings, and Alternative Spring Break to help our environment and others in the community.
What will you miss most about home?

Without a doubt, I will dearly miss my parents and brother, who have always been standing next to me to guide me and support me every step of the way, although I am certain that distance will not change that. I will miss my best friends, Brittney and Gisey, with whom I’ve shared so many girls’ nights, trips to Starbucks, advising moments, and picture-perfect memories that will always stay locked in my heart. They have been my sisters from sunshine to rainfall, and that type of friendship is hard to find. One last thing I will miss is my writing corner in my room, where I let my imagination escape, but I’m confident that I will find a special corner at BU, as well.
What’s one interesting thing about yourself?

Believe it or not, I have never seen snow. Seeing snow fall in Boston will be a first-time experience for me and one that will be difficult to forget. I love inspirational quotes and have a notebook full of them. Also, I came from Peru at the age of 10, managed to learn English in a year, graduated fifth in my class, and made it to the Hall of Fame at my high school.