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Meet Alex Goldschmidt

Alex Goldschmidt, who sings in N.Y.’s Young People’s Chorus, wants to become a music artist after graduating.

Hello My Name Is

Name: Alex Goldschmidt
From: Bernardsville, New Jersey
School: College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Undecided

What convinced you to go to BU?

I wanted a big school in a great city. This was basically what I was looking for and was the best of the schools I had to choose from.

What are you most excited about coming to college?

I am excited to sleep-in, most of all. I am also excited to be taking classes that I want to take as opposed to forced classes. I want to meet new people and just have a great time!

What course are you most interested in taking?

Literature and the Art of Film should be a lot of fun. I generally enjoy reading, but film is my passion. The movie aspect should give me a lot of motivation to actually read, as opposed to how you read in high school (i.e., SparkNotes).

What kinds of activities are you interested in becoming involved in?

I want to join an a cappella group and sing a lot. Maybe do a musical or join a choir. Music is my favorite pastime.

What will you miss most about home?

I will miss my mom’s cooking. It definitely set me up to be disappointed in college. Food is glorious when done right; I am hoping BU measures up. I will also miss my friends and the Young People’s Chorus of New York City a lot!

What’s one interesting thing about yourself?

I sing in the Young People’s Chorus of New York City and have traveled throughout Europe with them. With them, I earned a gold medal at the 2004 International Choir Olympics in Bremen, Germany. I want to be a music artist after I graduate.