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Mary Shann of SED shows how technology works in the classroom

SED professor Mary Shann shows how one technology can improve the science classroom experience.

Professor Mary Shann presents a computer model of molecular dynamics as a proven educational tool.

Professor of administration, training, and policy Mary Shann and student Sadha Moodley (SED’04) have found that a computer model which helps students understand how molecules work is so effective that it even improves their test scores.

Shann and Moodley will soon present their research findings during the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association on the benefits of using computer-based models of molecular dynamics in New England high school science classrooms.

Shann and Moodley will discuss how the use of the molecular dynamics technology, developed at the Boston University Polymer Center under the direction of professor of physics Eugene Stanley, can significantly improve scores on high school achievement tests. They will also present research showing that class participation increased for teachers who use the computer-based models, particularly in inner-city schools.