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Lost in translation

Anne Albagli (CFA’08) found that painting her family helped improve her self-portraits.

Family and self-portraits by Anne Albagli

Anne Albagli (CFA’08), the founder of BU’s student Art League, says she struggled with self-portraiture at first, feeling that “something [got] lost in the translation of what I see in front of me and the painting I create.”

“I began to realize that maybe I was taking self-portraiture too literally,” she says.

Self-portrait by Anne Albagil

Albagli decided to focus on people and places that had meaning to her, and found that creating images of her family helped refine her sense of purpose. “I hope to take the ideas I began with and push them to a new level of resolution,” she says. “I hope to continue investigating self-portraiture in a literal way as well as continue to delve into the issues of family history and what that means in the context of my life.”