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Lobbying for a cure

Terry Peel and Martha Skinner of MED will speak before Congress today about amyloidosis.

Terry Peel of the School of Medicine’s Board of Visitors will speak before Congress today to encourage further study of amyloidosis, a rare but often fatal disease which leads to heart, kidney, liver and other organ failure. Amyloidosis occurs when cells malfunction and produce proteins that rapidly clog organs until they are no longer able to function.

School of Medicine Professor Martha Skinner, director of the Boston Amyloid Treatment and Research Program at Boston Medical Center, will be present to provide medical knowledge of the disease.

Peel, Skinner, and Peel’s wife Ann, who suffers from the disease, will ask Congress to continue to encourage research and public education on the disease and provide funds next year to BUSM and BMC for equipment and research aimed at treating and curing amyloidosis.

This is the second time Peel has appeared before Congress to address the disease. After previous testimony, MED’s Amyloid Center received funding for research.