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Facing the future

The class of 2006 looks ahead

The Class of 2006 has begun its last semester at Boston University — are seniors ready for the end of school? Are they ready for the beginning of whatever comes next? In honor of Career Week, BU Today spoke with three seniors about their plans for next year, their thoughts about graduation, and their hopes for the future. This is what they had to say.

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Amal Benaissa          

Amal Benaissa, College of Communication and College of Arts and Sciences
Benaissa, an international student from Morocco, wants to continue her study-abroad experience by attending graduate school in London. A communication studies and international relations major, she hopes to return to Morocco someday to participate in the country’s social and political reform. “My plan is to return to my country in order to translate a vision of development into reality,” she says. “I’d like Morocco to develop on a path of course to a more civil society.”  (3:12)


Graham Veth             

Graham Veth, College of Communication
Veth, who studies film and anthropology, has been accepted into Teach for America and will be working in New York City next year. A development manager at the Community Service Center, he has worked with inner-city children in CSC’s children’s theater program. Veth says he is eager to tackle the challenges of New York’s public school system. “I love college,” he says, “but I’m just so excited to take that next step.” (3:04)




David Badiner           

David Badiner, College of Arts and Sciences
Badiner’s academic interests include security studies and nuclear proliferation; he hopes to use his international relations major and journalism minor to write for a policy journal next year. Eventually, he says, he might like to work for a government agency. “No matter what, I want to be making a contribution in some sort of substantial way,” he says. “I want to participate in the American process.” (3:00)