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Committee sees no cause to investigate COM dean

John Schulz resigns, despite a finding of insufficient grounds

John Schulz, COM dean, will resign effective October 15

A faculty committee convened to explore allegations of academic misconduct by John Schulz, dean of the College of Communication, has found insufficient grounds to move forward with a full investigation. Despite that finding, Schulz has elected to resign, effective October 15, citing concerns that the controversy may damage the reputation of the college and the emotional toll it has taken on his family.

Provost David Campbell said Schulz decided to resign before the completion of the formal inquiry, regardless of its findings. The committee was formed earlier this summer to look into charges that Schulz had exaggerated his accomplishments on his curriculum vitae. The inquiry,  conducted under the guidelines spelled out in the faculty handbook, found  that the evidence presented provides insufficient grounds to move forward with an investigation. The committee’s decision has been accepted by the provost, who declared the matter closed. 

Schulz issued a statement addressing the many satisfactions of his three years as dean and thanking “many people inside and outside the University for their support, admiration, and encouragement.”

"It has been deeply gratifying the past three years and more to note the addition of so many top-quality new faculty,” he said. “It has also been gratifying to assemble and work with what is now a fabulous support team, to help make so many changes in the physical plant, and to find so many generous donors to support all the new changes, programs, and initiatives and the awards we now give to faculty and students.”

Campbell praised the successes of Schulz’s deanship, citing such things as curricular revision and faculty expansion, faculty and student recognition, and alumni relations and development. Campbell said a dean ad interim for COM will be appointed in the coming weeks.

COM changed under Schulz