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Charles White puts pieces together for Civics Mosaic

SED professor Charles White brings civics teachers together to imrpove everyone’s world view.

Charles White

Students and teachers can learn a lot about their own culture by looking at it through the eyes of others, says SED’s Professor of Elementary Education Charles White, who will speak March 14 at the Northeast Regional Conference for Social Studies.

White will describe his work as the senior consultant of the Civics Mosaic program, a federally funded, five-year international exchange project that brings together American and Russian teachers to cooperatively teach students comparative civics. The hope is that through these diverse lessons, students will understand their own country’s political system with a greater depth of knowledge, according the program’s Web site.

In addition to his contributions to Civics Mosaic, White currently serves as the director of the Civitas@Russia partnership at Boston University, a program designed to help develop democratic institutions in Russia by achieving modernization of the civics curriculum in the country.