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Casting call for a BU radio drama

Audition Saturday for a murder mystery radio drama produced at WTBU.

Fun Fact

Radio station WTBU is planning its first-ever murder mystery show, titled End Transmission. Director Justin Rivers (COM’06) and producer Jeremy Yanofsky (CAS’06) are holding a casting call for the new show on Saturday, February 11, from 5 to 8 p.m.

According to Rivers and Yanofsky, the production updates the classic murder mystery by focusing on the shift in technology and communication after the advent of the television. Set during “the final moments in the Golden Age of radio,” the story features an eccentric inventor who invites five oblivious strangers to his home to show off his newest invention — the television. However, before he is able to unveil his creation, something terrible happens — and it is up to listeners to determine the identity of the perpetrator.

The audience will be encouraged to call in and share their thoughts about the characters, and thus will be an integral part of the show. “[The production] is a full dramatic experience,” says Rivers. “A lot of people say that audio drama is a blind medium … but we can get into the psychology of the characters the way movies can’t.”

Those interested in the Saturday auditions should visit the Facebook group “In Transmission” or e-mail projectspyglass@gmail.com for more information. The program is slated to debut in April 2006.