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BU Engineering Design Competition 2006

High school students compete for BU scholarships

They came, they rolled, they conquered. On Sunday, June 4, the Case Center Gym was full of excited high school students carrying homemade self-powered vehicles, prepared to compete in the College of Engineering’s 16th annual Design Competition. 

More than 120 high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from throughout the Northeast built self-powered vehicles from everyday materials and set them on an obstacle course for a 20-second run. The course requires each vehicle to descend a hill, drop a “hacky sack” beanbag through a hole in the wall at the bottom of the hill, climb back up the hill, knock over a flag, and finally, stop at the top. The grand prize: a $20,000 BU scholarship for each team member.

This year’s winners were James Gaewsky and Andrew McGlathery, freshmen at Reading Memorial High School in Reading, Mass.  Their vehicle’s secret weapon was satellite-panel motors they got from an MIT flea market. Taking second place and a $10,00 BU scholarship was Anmol Singh, a sophomore from Brentwood Public School in New Jersey.  A pair of sophomores from Morris Knolls High School in New Jersey, Mark Bound and Dan Gates, were awarded third place and $100 gift certificates to Barnes and Noble at Boston University.

Click here to listen to the winners talk about the competition.