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BU’s own Iron Chef cook-off

Contest will scale the heights of micro-fridge cuisine

The possibilities are endless. Think stuffed green peppers, chicken and cheese quesadillas, zesty meatloaf, or lasagna. The rules: create the most delectable meal you can with $10, 30 minutes, and your micro-fridge for cooking.

Based on the format of Iron Chef, the hit Japanese TV cult show, BU Today and the Student Activities Office are concocting their own Iron Chef competition, with one major difference — the only appliance you can use is a micro-fridge. The Residence Hall Associations will host the preliminary round of the competition in dormitories this week. 

Students can compete individually or team up with another person. Dorm residents will select the person or team with the most appetizing meal as their residence hall’s winner.

The winners will have a chance to perfect their recipes before going on to compete in the cook-off semifinals during the week of October 16. Three chefs — or teams — will advance to the final round of competition, which will be held at BU Central on Tuesday, November 7.

BU Today will pay the cost of ingredients for the semifinal and final rounds (with receipts, of course).

Judges for the final round will include one student chosen by raffle at the finals, Kenneth Elmore, the dean of students, and a surprise special guest. The three finalists will receive restaurant gift certificates, varying in value, for their participation.

So as they say on Iron Chef, Allez cuisine!