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Biking for AIDS charities

Brad Kay.Goodman and his wife have dedicated themselves to riding for charity — and their health.

Brad Kay.Goodman

On August 12 and 13, Brad Kay.Goodman, an instructional designer in the Office of Distance Education, will participate in the 2006 Mass Red Ribbon Ride, a two-day, 175-mile bike ride that raises funds to benefit AIDS organizations. Kay.Goodman first got involved with the Red Ribbon Ride last year, when he and his wife Jenn began the Spare Tire Challenge. “Jenn was looking for a way to motivate herself to lose weight,” he said. “She had a life coach who told her that setting a goal and challenging yourself is the best way.” 

Because they both enjoy biking, participating in charity rides “seemed natural.” As part of their Spare Tire Challenge, the couple rode in six charity rides last year (Jenn rode in seven), pedaling over 1,000 miles and raising more than $7,500 for a variety of charities.

Though the Spare Tire Challenge began as a way to lose weight, the project has evolved into much more. Recalling his experience at the 2005 Special Olympics Ride, Kay.Goodman said, “Both of us got a lot out of it. Even if you don’t lose weight, it is rewarding just in itself.”  

While a 175-mile bike ride may seem appropriate only for those intense bikers you see around the city, with their rock-hard thighs and spandex wardrobes, he stressed that the ride is not about being a seasoned athlete. “It’s not a race,” said Kay.Goodman, who himself is not one of those sinewy, biker types. “It’s just as well to be the leader of the back as the leader of the pack.”  

The Mass Red Ribbon Ride is still registering riders for one or both days (to ride you do not need to sign up for the entire 175 miles). They have also announced a special reduced fund-raising minimum for full-time students. The Red Ribbon Ride will raise funds for eight AIDS organizations across Massachusetts: AIDS Action Committee of MA; Center for Community Health, Education & Research; JRI Health; New England AIDS Education and Training Center; Health Awareness Services; AIDS/CARE Hampshire County; American Red Cross Berkshire County Chapter; and Treatment on Demand.  To learn more about the Red Ribbon Ride, click here. To learn more about the Spare Tire Challenge or to help Brad and Jenn Kay.Goodman reach their fund-raising minimum, click here.