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Behind the scenes camera work comes to the front

Walt Irby’s (COM’07) behind-the-scenes camera work for a feature film is highlighted on a new DVD.

Walt Irby (COM'07) filmed actors on the set, and now he's a star.

Walt Irby (COM ’07) worked as a grip and behind-the-scenes videographer on the set of a feature-length film Judges. Now the DVD, which was released and distributed by Anthem Pictures April 4, showcases Irby’s work in its special features section.

The film, described as a modern Western, follows a band of protectors, known as the Judges, who are sent to rid a corrupt town of crime and evil rule. Irby, who worked on the Judges crew during its 24-day shoot in May 2004 in his hometown of Virginia Beach, has his work displayed in three “featurettes” on the DVD. His behind the scenes camera work highlights on-set moments and reveals obstacles the cast and crew had to overcome.

“The experience of working on Judges allowed me to further my projects at Boston University,” said Irby. “I am now preparing as the Director of Photography for a feature-length film this summer titled Work of Fiction, which will be a film crewed by various filmmakers from the Boston area.”