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230 scholars join BU faculty

CAS and MED lead in new hires

Joesph Wippl has spent 30 years as an operations officer in the CIA.

A longtime CIA intelligence officer, a former ambassador, and a biochemist whose work has led to an important step in understanding life’s origins are among this fall’s 230 newcomers to the Boston University faculty.

“I’m delighted by the fine collection of new faculty we’ve assembled,” says Provost David Campbell. “The quality of the people we were able to attract has been outstanding.” He says that BU’s stellar reputation, along with the sense that the institution is well positioned for the future, was a “very effective recruiting tool. We were able to recruit junior faculty who, in many cases, had great offers from other excellent institutions.”

Joining the College of Arts and Sciences department of international relations as government executive in residence is Joseph Wippl, who has spent 30 years as an operations officer in the CIA at home and abroad. He has also served as the deputy chief of human resources, as the senior National Clandestine Service representative to the CIA’s Aldrich Ames damage assessment team, as chief of Europe Division, and as the CIA’s director of congressional affairs.

“Intelligence is an important aspect of international relations — it’s in the newspapers pretty much every day, and there has been an increased student interest in the subject since the September 11 terrorist attacks,” says Wippl.

No stranger to BU, Charles Stith, who served as the U.S. ambassador to Tanzania during the Clinton administration, is the founding director of BU’s African Presidential Archives and Research Center, established in 2001. Stith is a visiting professor in the CAS department of international relations.

Swapan Jain, a CAS chemistry instructor, studied the protein-free assembly of nucleic acids using small molecule interactions as a graduate student of biochemistry at Georgia Tech, where he and fellow researchers discovered a crucial link to the early history of RNA, a molecule that many scientists believe was the very first life form on Earth. The research was reported in the April 2, 2004, edition of the German chemistry journal Angwandte Chemie.

Peter Morrissey (COM’78), a College of Communication associate professor of mass communication, has served as counsel to CEOs, corporate executives, and boards of directors of Fortune 500 companies. He provided crisis services to Johnson & Johnson during the 1982 Tylenol poisoning episode, when seven deaths in Chicago from cyanide-laced Tylenol capsules caused a nationwide panic. The company’s handling of the incident has come to be recognized as the model for successful crisis communications. Morrissey says Johnson & Johnson’s actions, including a recall of 31 million bottles of Tylenol with a retail value of more than $100 million, “showed the very best in corporate ethics and management under fire.” But he is quick to downplay his contributions. “My role was just being part of an excellent team of very smart people — led by a very smart Johnson and Johnson CEO, Jim Burke.”

Joining the College of Fine Arts as an associate professor of music and ethnomusicology, Brita Heimarck specializes in the shadow play music of Bali, Indonesia. “The music is normally played by four metal-keyed instruments known as gender,” she says. “I am currently working on a music book transcribing the shadow play music from the oral tradition into Western notation for a broader audience.”

Ophelia K. C. Tsui, a CAS associate professor of physics, is teaching the graduate course Microcharacterization, which “introduces students to various experimental techniques that they will likely encounter in research,” she says. “I have fun teaching this course because the students have been not only showing so much interest in the subject, but also reflecting their own knowledge and laboratory experience. They inspire my teaching.”

Among other new faculty at BU are Douglas Kriner, a CAS assistant professor of political science, who recently began a study of congressional investigations of U.S. presidents from the mid-19th century to the 1990s, and Robert Hill, the new dean of Marsh Chapel, who is also a professor of pastoral theology at the School of Theology and is teaching Biblical Studies and Practical Theology.

On the BU Medical Campus, noteworthy appointments include David Coleman, who was named chief of the division of medicine at Boston Medical Center (BMC) and chairman of the School of Medicine’s department of medicine; Daniel Remick, who is now chief of the BMC division of pathology and a professor and chairman of MED’s department of pathology and laboratory medicine; and Stefan Russmann, a School of Public Health assistant professor of epidemiology, who conducts research on adverse drug reactions, particularly drug-induced liver disease.

Prior to his BU appointments, Coleman was interim chairman of the Yale School of Medicine’s department of internal medicine. “We are fortunate to have a person of his caliber for this important leadership position at Boston University Medical Center,” says Karen Antman, MED dean and provost of the Medical Campus. Coleman will also serve as president of the Evans Medical Foundation, Inc., the faculty practice plan for the
MED department of medicine, and as director of the Evans Memorial Department of Clinical Research.

Remick was previously a professor of pathology and assistant dean at the University of Michigan Medical School. He says his greatest challenge will be to expand the high-quality research in the pathology department while adding to its “existing strong infrastructure and excellence in service and teaching.”

Below is a list of new faculty at BU:

College of Arts and Sciences
Mary Anderson, instructor
Timothy Brunker, lecturer
Linda Doerrer, assistant professor
Swapan Jain, instructor

Classical Studies

Mark Alonge, assistant professor

Earth Sciences
Ulrich Faul, associate professor
Paul Hall, lecturer


Anandi Mani, visiting assistant professor

Carrie Preston, assistant professor

Brooke Blower, assistant professor
Arianne Chernock, assistant professor

International Relations
Charles Stith, visiting professor
Joseph Wippl, executive in residence

Mathematics and Statistics

Alvard Arazyan, lecturer
Uri Eden, assistant professor
Mamikon Ginovyan, senior lecturer
Constantinos Kardaras, assistant professor
Paul Norbury, visiting associate professor
Ranjan Panth, lecturer
Surajit Ray, assistant professor

Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
Kheireddine Bekkai, lecturer
Liliane Dusewoir, lecturer
Weijia Huang, lecturer
Irit Kleiman, assistant professor
Etsuko Okita, lecturer
Catherine Vance Yeh, associate professor

Corine Pelluchon, visiting assistant professor

Ophelia Tsui, associate professor

Political Science
Douglas Kriner, assistant professor


Sandra Morissette, assistant professor
Donna Pincus, associate professor

Kecia Ali, assistant professor
Bradford Verter, visiting assistant professor

Writing Program

Carrie Bennett, lecturer
Deborah Breen, lecturer
William Giraldi, lecturer
Marisa Milanese, lecturer
Sarah Pittock, lecturer
Michael Rodriguez, lecturer

College of Engineering

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Tyrone Porter, assistant professor

College of Fine Arts

School of Music
Jonathan Bass, assistant professor
Deborah Burton, assistant professor
Victor Coelho, professor
David Hebert, assistant professor
Brita Heimarck, associate professor
Rodney Lister, lecturer
Jerrold Pope, associate professor
John Wallace, lecturer

School of Theatre

Mark Cohen, assistant professor
Nancy Leary, assistant professor

School of Visual Arts

Lynne Allen, professor
Hannah Cole, instructor

College of General Studies

Neal Leavitt, assistant professor

College of Communication

Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations
Peter Morrissey, associate professor
Donald Wright, professor

School of Law

J.D. Instruction Program
Kristin Collins, associate professor
Dennis Crouch, visiting assistant professor
Mary O’Connell, visiting professor
Michael Selmi, visiting professor
Robert Sloane, associate professor
Charles Whitehead, associate professor

Metropolitan College

Science and Engineering
Fabian Torres-Ardila, assistant professor

Military Education

Aerospace Studies
Jessica Phelps, assistant professor
Aaron Pifer, assistant professor

Military Science

Cyrus Cady, assistant professor
Brandon Russell, assistant professor

Naval Science
Thomas McDermott, assistant professor
Howard Trost, professor

Sargent College
Physical Therapy and Athletic Training
JoAnn Kluzik, assistant professor

School of Dental Medicine

General Dentistry
Alexander Bendayan, clinical assistant professor
Shaza Mardini, clinical instructor
Kanwar Sachdeva, clinical assistant professor

General Dentistry — APEX extramural program
Andrea Dickhaut, assistant professor

Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Spencer Kemp, instructor

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Richard D’Innocenzo, associate professor

Restorative Sciences/Biomaterials
Monica Alcalde Acosta, clinical instructor
Gregorio Sena, clinical assistant professor

School of Education

Department of Literacy and Language, Counseling and Development
Marlan Kuntze, associate professor
William McMullen, assistant professor

School of Management

Organizational Behavior
Scott Taylor, assistant professor

Strategy and Policy
Paul McManus, executive in residence/lecturer
Erik Molander, lecturer

School of Medicine

Anatomy and Neurobiology

Peter Bergethon, associate professor
Monica Pessina, instructor
Daniela Plesa Skwerer, research project coordinator
Elizabeth Whitney, instructor

Sascha Beutler, assistant professor
Mohamed Hamouda, assistant professor
Venkatesh Srinivasa, assistant professor

Hector Lucero, assistant professor
Julia Yaglom, research assistant professor


Felix Kuo, instructor
Suraj Venna, instructor

Emergency Medicine

Kevin King, instructor

Family Medicine
Ethan Brackett, clinical instructor
Sharmila Chatterjee, instructor
Kristine Duarte, adjunct clinical assistant professor
Kathryn Ellis, clinical instructor
Shawn Ferullo, clinical instructor
Kavitha Gazula, clinical instructor
Wilbert Hurlow, clinical assistant professor
Aram Kaligian, clinical instructor
Karin Leschly, physician
Rachel Mott-Keis, clinical instructor
Lynne Stevens, research associate
Joanne Wilkinson, instructor

Mehrdad Abedi, assistant professor
Steven Abreu, clinical assistant professor
Tamar Foster Barlam, clinical associate professor
Laurence Beck, instructor
Oscar Bernal, assistant professor
Erica Bernstein, assistant professor
Monica Bharel, clinical assistant professor
Shalender Bhasin, professor, chief of endocrinology
Kristin Marie Burkart, instructor
Angeliki Chroni, research associate
Benson Chu, assistant professor
David Coleman, professor, department chief
Gerald Colvin, assistant professor
Leslie Cousens, research assistant professor
Julie Crosson, clinical assistant professor
Yan Dai, research assistant professor
Adelina Dukas, assistant professor
John Gaca, clinical assistant professor
Elaine Hylek, associate professor
Konstantin Izvolsky, research assistant professor
Daniel Jacobson, professor
Richard Junghans, associate professor
Anand Bhaskaran Kartha, assistant professor
Theresa Kim, asssistant professor
Nancy Kressin, associate professor
Nathan LeBrasseur, assistant professor
Izabella Lipinska, research assistant professor
LuGuang Luo, assistant professor
Zhijun Luo, associate professor
Mark McComb, research assistant professor
Renee McKinney, instructor
Alexander Myers, clinical assistant professor
Zoran Nedeljkovic, assistant professor
Michael Nissensohn, clinical assistant professor
Daniel Jude Oates, assistant professor
Noriyuki Ouchi, assistant professor
Stephanie Carol Page, instructor
David Richard Pimentel, assistant professor
Ann-Marie Richard, instructor
Matthew Russell, assistant professor
Alfredo Selim, assistant professor
Mahadevan Sethuraman, research assistant professor
Li Shen, research assistant professor
David James Thornton, assistant professor
Joseph Tumang, instructor
Julie Wright, assistant professor
Xuemei Zhong, instructor


Brandon Ally, instructor
Andrew Budson, associate professor
Sherral Devine, research instructor
Angela Lee Jefferson, assistant professor
Kristine Lundgren, assistant professor
Maureen O’Connor, instructor
Edward Stack, research instructor

Lawrence Chin, professor and chairman

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jodi Frances Abbott, associate professor
Sacheem Carr-Ellis, instructor
Ronald Edward Iverson, assistant professor
Rebecca Perkins, instructor
Joseph Politch, research associate professor
Diana Rodriguez, assistant professor
Kelley Anne Saia, instructor
Elizabeth Ann Stier, assistant professor
Chong Xu, research assistant professor

Orthopedic Surgery
Lawrence Specht, assistant professor
Tony Tannoury, assistant professor
Bruce Wintman, assistant professor

James Alex, associate professor
Hani Ibrahim, clinical assistant professor
Daniel Lee, adjunct assistant professor
Jalisi Scharukh, assistant professor

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Mark Flomenbaum, adjunct associate professor
Daniel Remick, professor, department chairman

Anne Baker, clinical instructor
Jose Alberto Betances, instructor
Valerie Bouchet, instructor
Laurie Douglass, physician
Maureen Flynn, clinical instructor
Nicole Guppy, instructor
Ellen Highfield, adjunct assistant professor
Lynn Kari Hironaka, instructor
Chi-Cheng Huang, assistant professor
Amitha Kadakol, assistant professor
Anne C. C. Lee, instructor
Margaret Frances Marino, adjunct assistant professor
Mirjana Nesin, associate professor
Mark Weber, clinical instructor

Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Andrew Dorner, adjunct professor

Physiology and Biophysics
Margaretha Carraway, research assistant professor


Eric Devine, assistant professor
Susan Doron-LaMarca, research instructor
David Hoffman, adjunct clinical assistant professor
Sigmund Hough, adjunct assistant professor
Gary Kaplan, professor
Kimberly Leite-Morris, assistant professor
Candice Monson, associate professor
Lisa Najavits, professor
Suzanne Lourie Pineles, assistant professor
Amy Silberbogen, research assistant professor

Atul Agarwal, instructor
Tira Bunyaviroch, instructor
Avneesh Gupta, assistant professor
Ariel Hirsch, assistant professor
Milos Janicek, associate professor
Warren Krackov, assistant professor
Christopher Martel, assistant professor
Yale Pollak, instructor
James Travis Rhea, professor
Priscilla Jenning Slanetz, associate professor
Brian Stainken, adjunct professor
Jaroslaw Tkacz, assistant professor
Minh-Tam Truong, assistant professor

Socio-Medical Sciences and Community Medicine
James Schlosser, clinical instructor

Alik Farber, assistant professor
Andrew Glantz, associate professor
Jorge Lagares-Garcia, adjunct clinical assistant professor
Paul Liu, associate professor
James Petros, associate professor
Jennifer Rosen, assistant professor
Wen Yang, research assistant professor

Linda Ng, assistant professor
Ralph Orlando, instructor

School of Public Health


Gheorghe Doros, assistant professor


Stefan Russmann, assistant professor

International Health
Abu Abdullah, associate professor
Jennifer Beard, assistant professor

School of Social Work

Jordana Muroff

School of Theology


Robert Hill, professor