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Who is the winner of College Jeopardy?

Beth Cimini (CAS’07) competes on College Jeopardy, airing this week.

Beth Cimini (CAS’07) has long dreamed of competing on College Jeopardy. In fact, the biochemistry and molecular biology major from Eastmeadow, Mass., has been applying for a spot on the popular ABC television quiz show since her freshman year at BU.

She got her shot this fall, and friends and supporters will gather tonight, Monday, November 7, at BU Central to watch Cimini strut her stuff when her episode airs. The two-week College Jeopardy special runs November 7 to 18; tonight’s viewing party begins at 7 p.m. and the show airs at 7:30 p.m.

Cimini was on campus conducting neurology research through BU’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in July when she auditioned for Jeopardy at the Boston Sheraton. She aced a 50-question test and a mock game, and in September received a call from the show’s producers, inviting her to fly down to North Carolina State University in early October for the actual competition.

“The best part was getting to know the other contestants,” says Cimini, who, of course, cannot reveal the competition’s outcome prior to broadcast. “They were really down-to-earth, and they all had fun hanging out and going to dinner after taping.”