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Robert Arnold video featured at DeCordova Museum

COM professor and video artist Robert Arnold‘s new work is featured at the DeCordova Museum through January.

Robert Arnold

The most recent work of video artist Robert Arnold, associate professor of film at COM, is featured at the DeCordova Museum’s Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport Media Space through January 8, 2006. Zeno’s Paradox (2003) “is both an intellectual exercise in visually demonstrating a philosophical concept and a thrilling roller coaster ride of a short video,” according to an announcement from the DeCordova.

Arnold has produced several award-winning short films and videos that have appeared in festivals around the world and has published articles in leading film journals. His video The Morphology of Desire — a linear collage of morphing romance novel covers to the accompaniment of a human heart beat — has been exhibited at DeCordova Museum on several occasions.