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Psychologist Shari Thurer publishes “The End of Gender””

Shari Thurer, a SAR adjunct associate professor, has published The End of Gender.

Psychologist Shari Thurer releases "The End of Gender"

Shari Thurer, a SAR adjunct associate professor and psychologist, argues in her new book, The End of Gender (Routledge, 2005) that our society is in the midst of a new sexual revolution, characterized by the blurring of gender categories.

"Thurer draws on evidence from an encyclopedic array of sources — her own psychotherapy patients, biology, linguistics, anthropology, evolution, data-based social science, history, cultural theory, literature, art, and pop culture — to argue against the validity of rigid sex and gender categories," reads her publisher’s press release. "In lively, non-technical language, and with sometimes surprising case studies from her 25 years as a psychologist, Thurer answers these questions, bridging complex postmodern theory with cutting-edge psychoanalysis."