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Oscar-Berman wins Senior Scientist Award

National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism honors Marlene Oscar-Berman.

Marlene Oscar-Berman

Marlene Oscar-Berman, a MED professor of anatomy and neurobiology, psychiatry and neurology, recently won a Senior Scientist Award from the U. S. Public Health Service, National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

The Senior Scientist Award provides support to outstanding scientists who have demonstrated a sustained, high level of productivity and whose expertise, research accomplishments, and contributions to the field have been and will continue to be critical to the mission of a particular National Institutes of Health center or institute.

The award provides salary support for award periods of up to five years as a means of enhancing the individual recipient’s skills and dedication to his/her area of research. The Senior Scientist Award permits NIH institutes and centers to identify and support exceptionally talented investigators who are well established in their field of research.

Oscar-Berman’s research includes a project for the NIAAA: “Alcoholism and the Brian: an Overview.” The article addresses investigators’ use a variety of methods to study alcoholism–related brain damage, including examining brains of deceased patients as well as neuroimaging, a technique that enables researchers to test and observe the living brain and to evaluate structural damage in the brain.