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BU Photographer Vernon Doucette recognized for wintry wildlife shot

BU Photographer Vern Doucette picks up international award
for wintry wildlife shot

Award Winning Shot by Vernon Doucette

The University Photographers’ Association of America, an international organization, honored BU photographer Vernon Doucette in July. Doucette won first prize in the personal vision category at the UPAA’s print competition and was honored at the organization’s 2005 Annual Technical Symposium at the State University of New York-Brockport.

A photographer with the University for nine years, Doucette says he conceptualized his winning shot — white geese huddled amidst snow — for weeks prior to snapping it. Having seen the birds many times along the banks of the Charles River, he wasted no time trekking out to get his shot when a storm hit in January.

BU photographer Kalman Zabarsky took home an honorable mention from the UPAA competition.