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BU COM student gets the page one story

Tony Bertuca (COM’06) lands a front page story in USA Today.

Tony Bertuca (COM'06) hard at work for USA Today in Washington.

As an intern for USA Today, graduate student Tony Bertuca (COM’06) covered the memorial ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda honoring the late Rosa Parks. His story recently appeared on the front page of the Washington, D.C.–based newspaper.

He was thrilled when his editors gave him the assignment and told him it had the potential to run on the front page, says Bertuca, so he put on a suit and made a beeline for the Capitol. With the word “Intern” printed on his security badge, he managed to make his way through the thick crowd and find a spot in the front row.

“It was [amazing] to see the tens of thousands of people that had turned out to pay tribute,” says Bertuca, who is based at the BU Washington Journalism Center until he graduates in January. “I had the opportunity to interview several of them and heard the stories of how Rosa Parks’ simple act of defiance had changed their lives and inspired them to fight for justice.”