BU students, staff, and faculty can come and watch any of our documentaries in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. room. Below is a list of the films we are offering for your viewing pleasure and education. The HTC is always looking for more mind-expanding films, so please let us know if you have a title that you think we should have.

Brother Insider: the Life of Bayard Rustin – the definitive film biography of one of the most controversial figures of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Complete Blue Eyed with Jane Elliott - adults go through Jane Elliott’s famous blue-eyed/brown-eyed experiment to showcase how discrimination can lead to loss of self-esteem and confidence.

Confronting Hatred: Why the Lessons of the Holocaust Continue to Matter (Audio CD) – a broad range of voices speaking about antisemitism and hatred today.

Eyes on the Prize – the award-winning six-hour documentary series on the civil rights movement that brilliantly illuminates the struggle for racial equality and social justice.

Race: the Power of an Illusion – a three-part series examining the construction of the very idea of race, including the ongoing impact of race in the United States.

Shattering the Silences: the Case for Minority Faculty – stories of eight pioneering scholars of various racial backgrounds about seeing American higher education campuses through the eyes of minority faculty.

What’s Race Got to Do with It? Social Disparities and Student Success – a chronicle of the experiences of a new generation of college students who participate in a 16 week long intergroup dialogues on the UC Berkeley campus.