Student Ambassadors

The Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground has a group of talented, energetic, and intelligent students called Student Ambassadors. Our Student Ambassadors are chosen for their commitment to Howard Thurman’s philosophy of common ground. They help run our programs, greet new people in our Center, and represent Thurman and the HTC in the BU community. As alumni, they are often doing incredible things like running their own businesses, working in journalism, or pursuing advanced degrees to further their education.

Interested in being a Student Ambassador? Fill out an application. Once you submit the application, a professional staff member from the HTC will be in touch with you.

Current Ambassadors

Amanda Dowd (CAS ’15)
Asha Haki-Tyler (COM ’15)
Celeste Hamre (CAS ’16)
Marlo Kalb (CAS ’16)
Issa Kenyatta (SMG ’16)
Yash Kothari (CAS’17)
Mackenzie Morgan (SED ’16)
Jonea Weekley (SMG’17)
Ryan Yunis (CAS ’15)

Ambassador Alumni


Assylbek Almaganbetov (CAS)
Aishu Challa (SMG)
Matthew Clarkin (CAS)
Bryant Hua (CAS)
Alexis Redman (SMG)


Alexa Beychok
Tino Bratbo
Kendrea Collins
Sean Griffin
Julianna Parra


Eric Baker


Catherine Alexis
Rookminie Behari
Jacqueline Chang
Alexandria Lafci
Neal Moawed
Kimberly Morton
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Annie Rupani
Giovanna Sepulveda
Kyle Trotman
Jean Uwilingiyimana


Desa Larkin-Boutte
Tajah Ross
Jonathan Priester
Lauren Prince