1/25 – The Nutritional Habits of Discipulus Collegium

January 25th, 2013

You wake up fifteen minutes before your first class. That gives you one minute to get dressed, three minutes to read that fourteen page article, six minutes if you walk very fast, and five minutes for breakfast. What are the nutritional habits of college students? Should nutrition even be something to think about when students have enough to do?

From BU Today’s coverage of Barbara Cokey’s research to First Lady Michelle Obama’s passion for health and fitness to Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution, it seems that we’re surrounded by messages to be healthier, but we often don’t where to start. Come discuss your nutritional knowledge and talk to each other about where nutrition falls in your priorities. There will also be interactive elements to Agora today, so bring your friends!

If you had just a few more minutes in the morning, you could make a healthy, nutritious breakfast like these guys…

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