Advertising on the Bus

Promote your next event. We’ve got just the space.

Parking & Transportation Services has teamed up with BFS|Daniels to give you the opportunity to design and order BUS posters online!

Posters are placed on the shuttle buses for two-week periods.  Upon placing the add order, Customers must identify the start date.   All requests must be received no later than the Thursday of the preceding week.

The shuttle route spans the Charles River and Medical Campuses, allowing your advertisement to be seen by any Boston University community members who utilize the BUS. Parking & Transportation Services operates a fleet of 6 buses comprised of both 40’ buses and 60’ articulating buses.   Each 40’ bus can contain a total of 25 ads and 60’ bus can contain a total of 35 ads.

Customers can design their ads from several templates options.  The costs and dimensions of the available posters are specified below and can also be found on the site.




Stock: 80# House Uncoated Cover

Size = 17.5”x11.125”


Stock: LFC Gloss Laminated

Size = 28.75”x11.125”














Credit cards and ISR can be used to secure payments online. Student groups may coordinate purchases via the Student Activities Office.  Advertisement and shipping costs are included in the print cost.

To get started, simply register with the Print Center, log in to your account, select “Catalog,” choose the Poster category you want, and follow the step-by-step instructions. That’s it. You’re done!

Of course, if you need help with your order, we’re always here to assist you.