Tech Times

Spring 2013

Desktop Support Clustering Initiative

In 2012, President Brown identified desktop support as an area in which the University could become more efficient. Thirteen colleges and departments, plus IS&T’s Desktop Services, were identified as being in-scope for the initiative and a Stakeholders Group, comprised of client reps from in-scope units, as well as representatives from IS&T, was formed to guide what is now known as the “Desktop Support Clustering Initiative.”

As a result, the desktop support staff in the involved units have been reassembled into a new Desktop Services team, a division of IS&T’s IT Help Center. Implementation of the Desktop Support Clustering Initiative will begin on June 1 and the new Desktop Services team will be divided into three Clusters (East, Central, and West).

As of June 1, these are the new schools, colleges, and departments that will fully receive their desktop support from the IT Help Center:

  • BUA: BU Academy
  • CFA: College of Fine Arts
  • CGS: College of General Studies
  • DAR: Development and Alumni Relations
  • FIN: Office of the Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
  • LAW: School of Law
  • SAR: Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • SED: School of Education
  • SMG: School of Management
  • SSW: School of Social Work

Additionally, some sites currently supported by Desktop Services will continue to get their support from the IT Help Center, but were identified as in-scope because they previously had dedicated staff housed within Desktop Services. These sites will now be supported by the clusters. These sites include the BUPD, Mugar and its satellite libraries, School of Theology, and CAS’ Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The IT Help Center will also continue to provide desktop support for all of its current supported departments. Some examples of these departments include HR, Student Affairs, IS&T, FMP, and Athletics.

The following schools, colleges, and departments are out of scope for this initiative and will continue to get their desktop support from an on-site “IT Partner” team.

  • BUMC: Any sites supported by IT Teams on the Medical Campus
  • CAS: College of Arts and Sciences
  • COM: College of Communication
  • ENG: College of Engineering
  • ENSA: Enrollment Services
  • GP: Global Programs (Formerly CELOP, Study Abroad, and the ISSO)
  • MET: Metropolitan College

IS&T will be working hard to ensure continued quality service to all clients supported by the Desktop Services team, including periodic satisfaction surveys and focus groups. We encourage your participation in these when they are conducted, with the first set most likely in November.