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Add Attachments – Non-Java

Issues while attempting to attach and upload files can be the result of using an incorrect browser, Java issues, or both.

Certain versions of the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers are not compatible with Blackboard Vista. Please see our web browser compatibility page for a full list of compatible browsers. We do recommend that all Blackboard Vista users install and use the Firefox web browser for accessing their course material as it generally tends to have fewer issues.

The issue could be a Java-related problem. Before using the non-Java file upload method, please check the two items below to attempt to get your "My Computer" icon back:

  1. Run the Browser Check to ensure that you have a compatible Java version. If you don’t, Mac OS X users should update their Java version while Windows users can either update their Java or better, remove all older versions of Java installed and install the correct version.
  2. Clear out your Java cache.

If the two steps above don’t resolve the issue, select your operating system below for instructions on how to use the alternative method for file uploads.