Welcome to Boston University! The information provided on this page is intended to help you access the BU network. If you have any problems or questions, you should contact the IT Help Center at 617-353-4357 or (for CELOP students) Global Programs Technology Support at 617-353-4800.

Protect your computer on the network

When you are using the BU network, you are required to make sure that you computer is virus-free. If you are running Windows, it is strongly recommended that you follow the steps below, even before coming to BU, to make sure that your computer will not become infected, as that can cause you to lose network access very quickly.

1. Make sure your Windows operating system is legal

If you are using an “illegal” (unpaid, borrowed, or otherwise unlicensed) copy of Windows, you will not be able to register your computer until that issue is resolved. If you have a PC with Microsoft Windows, you should bring legal Windows software CDs with you to Boston University, or you may have trouble getting on the network.

  • If you do not already have legal Windows CDs, please purchase Windows before you leave your home country (and bring your Windows CDs with you)
  • be prepared to purchase an English-language version of Windows when you arrive.

2. Make sure you are running the current Windows service pack

Once you do have a “legal” version of Windows, you should turn on Automatic Updates and allow any updates that you’re prompted to do.

3. Remove viruses and spyware

Please do what you can to remove viruses and spyware from your computer before you come to campus. If viruses are detected on your computer, your network access will be disabled until your computer has been made virus free.

Using the BU network

Using wireless

When you are on campus, the network you want to be using is BU (802.1x). You cannot run an independent wireless access point on the BU campus.

You might need an Ethernet cable

In some areas of campus, and for devices that can’t access wireless, use of the wired network might still needed. To be prepared, you could come to campus with an RJ45 Ethernet cable. Alternatively, you can wait to see if you will need one and, if so, will be able to purchase one for $5 and from the IT Help Center.

Using your BU email account

You can access your BU email at www.bu.edu/google or on a computer or device. If you have an existing email account that you would like to forward your BU mail to, you can do that using the Email Forwarding System at www.bu.edu/computing/email/forwarding/.