Some of the most important resources you will use as a BU student include:

BU Google Mail and Apps – Get your BU Google Mail plus Google Drive and the other Google apps at www.bu.edu/google.

Make sure you are reading your BU email It’s important to check the mail sent to login@bu.edu because this is the official way for the University to contact you. If you have an existing e-mail account that you prefer to use, you can forward your BU email using the Settings menu within BU Google Mail (as described at www.bu.edu/tech/comm/email/google).

Blackboard – Many of your professors will use Blackboard as a learning management system. Learn more and log in when the time comes at www.bu.edu/learn.

Turnitin – Your professors will be checking for plagiarism, and you should too! Learn more about the Turnitin plagiarism detection service at www.bu.edu/turnitin.

BU Mobile for iOS – The University’s calendar, maps, directory, bus schedule and more are available through the BU Mobile app. Get it now at itunes.com/apps/bumobile.

Printing – Thanks to Blackboard and other online services, many documents won’t need to be printed. If you do not have a printer in your room, or for times when you need large-scale printing, you can use My Print. NOTE: If you do opt to bring a printer to your room, it must be capable of authenticating via wireless (802.1x) or will need to run on Ethernet. Learn more at www.bu.edu/tech/movein.

The Student Link – You might have already used the Student Link – or will soon! It provides access to all of your personal, academic, financial and other information relevant to Boston University. You can register for classes, pay your bills, buy Convenience Points, and maintain other information. Learn more and use the “The Link” at www.bu.edu/studentlink.

ShareLink – Your personal information is legally protected by FERPA. However, you can share elements of your academic or financial record with your parents, legal guardian, or others. Learn more…