The accounts outlined in this section are tied to special services that are not provisioned automatically and may not use the standard BU login name and Kerberos password. See additional details below and in the corresponding pages.

  • Alumni – exclusive Email Forwarding for Life (EFL) services and online resources for BU Alumni
  • Applicants – individual access to web-based resources for prospective students and affiliates
  • ACS/UNIX – ACS accounts offer access to UNIX computing and a variety of statistical and scientific software packages.
  • SCF/Research Computing – Scientific Computing Facilities accounts, for specialized resources in research computing and scientific visualization
  • Mainframe – for authorized staff who need to perform administrative functions on the Business Link, Faculty/Staff Link, or in UIS GALAXY
  • AD2 – access for Administrative Staff to certain resources on Microsoft platforms
  • DataMotion SecureMail – accounts for sending and receiving secure, encrypted messages with your BU email