Mailing list and CoCo-Board

This list was created to keep collaborators working on HiPArt projects in touch with one another. The HiPArt mailing list is linked to the HiPArt CoCo-Board. The CoCo-Board is an electronic bulletin board, where mail to the HiPArt mailing list will automatically be posted. You do not have to belong to the list to view the archive.

  • Join the list:

    To join the mailing list send mail to with the message “subscribe hipart-list “

  • Send mail to the list:

    Mail may be sent to both the list and the CoCo Board by mailing to

  • Send attachments

    Emails that have url attachments will display the attached web pages on the CoCo Board. More information on CoCo Boards may be found at

  • Access the HiPArt CoCo-Board by visiting the url
  • Unsubscribe from the list:

    You may unsubscribe at any time by sending mail to with the message “unsubscribe hipart-list “.

Staff email addresses

bullet Glenn Bresnahan, (
SCV Director. HiPArt’s Fearless Leader and the Event Server Designer

bullet Erik Brisson, (
Manager of Graphics Programming, lead HiPArt system designer

bullet Aaron Fuegi, (
Graphics Analyst/Consultant

bullet Laura Giannitrapani(
Manager of Graphics Consulting, Dancing Crash Dummies animator

bullet Robert Putnam(
Systems/Applications Engineer and Localized Audio

bullet Ariella Rebbi, (
SCV/MARINER Program Manager

bullet Jennifer Teig von Hoffman (