We would very much appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to respond to the following questions regarding our tutorials. If you are not already aware of it, we are also offering a Summer Tutorial Series on Visualization and High Performance Computing topics which you can register for. This survey will help us better tailor our tutorials for the future. If you wish for a response to your comments, please include your email address in one of your answers below as this survey is otherwise entirely anonymous.

When attending a series of tutorials, do you prefer that they all be scheduled within a short time frame (i.e., all in one day, or all in one week), or streched out over a longer period?


Does your preference expressed in the question above vary depending on whether the tutorials are scheduled within the academic year, or during the summer? If so, how?

What new tutorial topics would you like to see offered by the Scientific Computing and Visualization Group?

Do you have any other opinions or comments you’d like us to take into consideration when planning future series of tutorials?