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Serial Jacobi Iterative Scheme

Serial Jacobi Iterative Scheme

A single-process implementation of the
Jacobi Scheme as applied to the Laplace equation is included below. Note that:

  • F90 is used.
  • System size, m, is determined at run time.
  • Boundary conditions are handled by subroutine bc.
  • Pointer arrays c, n, e, w, and s point to parts of the solution space, u.
    They are used to avoid unnecessary memory usage
    as well as to improve readability.

  • This scheme is very slow to converge and is not used in practice.
  • This code is shown primarily to provide a starting point for
    subsequent introduction of parallel concepts. It also serves as
    a starting point for convergence rate improvement ideas.

! Solve Laplace equation using Jacobi iteration method
! Kadin Tseng, Boston University, November 1999

MODULE jacobi_module
  INTEGER, PARAMETER :: real4 = selected_real_kind(6,37)
  INTEGER, PARAMETER :: real8 = selected_real_kind(15,307)
  REAL(real8), DIMENSION(:,:), ALLOCATABLE         :: unew
  REAL(real8), DIMENSION(:,:), ALLOCATABLE, TARGET :: u  ! solution array
  REAL(real8) :: tol=1.d-4, gdel=1.0d0
  REAL(real4) :: start_time, end_time
  INTEGER :: m, iter = 0

  SUBROUTINE bc(u, m)
! PDE: Laplacian u = 0;      0<=x<=1;  0<=y u(1:m  ,1:m  )          ! i  ,j    Current/Central for 1<=i<=m; 1<=j u(1:m  ,2:m+1)          ! i  ,j+1  North (of Current)
e => u(2:m+1,1:m  )          ! i+1,j    East  (of Current)
w => u(0:m-1,1:m  )          ! i-1,j    West  (of Current)
s => u(1:m  ,0:m-1)          ! i  ,j-1  South (of Current)

CALL bc(u, m)                ! set up boundary values

DO WHILE (gdel > tol)        ! iterate until error below threshold
  iter = iter + 1            ! increment iteration counter
  IF(iter > 5000) THEN
    WRITE(*,*)'Iteration terminated (exceeds 5000)'
    STOP                     ! nonconvergent solution
  unew = ( n + e + w + s )*0.25 ! new solution, Eq. 3
  gdel = MAXVAL(DABS(unew-c))    ! find local max error
  IF(MOD(iter,10)==0) WRITE(*,"('iter,gdel:',i6,e12.4)")iter,gdel
  c = unew                   ! update interior u

CALL CPU_TIME(end_time)      ! stop timer
PRINT *,'Total cpu time =',end_time - start_time,' x 1'
PRINT *,'Stopped at iteration =',iter
PRINT *,'The maximum error =',gdel

DEALLOCATE (unew, u)