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#!/bin/csh -f
# Script name: pctBatch
# Purpose:
# MATLAB script for running MATLAB PCT batch jobs on the Katana Cluster
# DONOT include any matlabpool statement i your m-file
# matlabpool('SGE', N)     %  SGE must have already been created by you
#                          %  N is the number of labs (workers)
# Which batch queue will be used is determined entirely by N
# Batch jobs submitted via this script have a 24-hour wallclock limit.
# Usage: pctBatch $1 $2
# $1 -- name of m-file to be executed, DONOT include .m
# $2 --  output file name; may include path
# Example:
# katana% pctBatch "n=3,m=3,N=16,runSGE" myOutput
# Date created:
# February 11, 2011

nohup matlab -nodisplay -nosplash -r "$1; exit"  >! $2 &


function matmulExample(n, m)
% function matmulExample(n, m)
% Purpose:
% Computes and collects timings data for a matrix-matrix multiply
% n — (input) row size
% m — (input) column size

a = codistributed.rand(n,m); % distribute a random matrix by column
b = codistributed.rand(n,m); % distribute a random matrix by column
c = a*b; % distributed matrix multiply
Tp = toc;
disp([‘Parallel job walltime is ‘ num2str(Tp)])


% script m-file to open matlabpool and run user app
% N, n, and m are set at run time thru pctBatch
matlabpool('SGE', N)     % use SGE configuration
matmulExample(n, m)      % example user app
matlabpool close