Taken from the Learning Guide for Maple v9:
Maple is a Symbolic Computation System or Computer Algebra System. Maple manipulates information in a symbolic or algebraic manner. You can obtain exact analytical solutions to many mathematical problems, including integrals, systems of equations, differential equations, and problems in linear algebra. Maple contains a large set of graphics routines for visualizing complicated mathematical information, numerical algorithms for providing estimates and solving problems where exact solutions do not exist, and a complete and comprehensive programming language for developing custom functions and applications.

Availability and Setup

Maple is available on the SCC cluster, including the Linux Virtual Lab.

To run Maple, simply type maple.

Using Maple

The basic syntax is to enter a command such as 2 + 3 followed by a ; (semicolon) and hit Enter such as:

> 2+3;

The command to exit Maple is quit; .

Additional Help/Documentation

For more information on Maple, visit Maplesoft’s website. More specifically, the primary manuals, the Maple Users Guide and the Maple Getting Started Guide are available here (accessing these online documents requires free registration on the Maplesoft website).

There is also a Quick Start PDF Training Guide and/or video Training Course available from the publisher.